Calling 21st Century Leaders

As an emba X student you will learn to integrate technology and management knowledge, whilst developing your skills and mindset to fulfill your goal of delivering sustainable positive impact to yourself, to your organization, to your environment and to society at large.

As an emba X graduate, you will join Switzerland’s most influential alumni network (ETH Zurich + University of St.Gallen) as a socially responsible, well-rounded 21st century leader, fully ready and able to challenge the established ways of thinking, getting things done, and engaging others in constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.

Formal Application Requirements:

  • Min. 10 years work experience
  • Min. 5 years leadership experience
  • Recognized academic degree


Applications for our February 2022 cohort are open since February 1st, 2021.

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Ready to (Re) Learn the Future?

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An Integrative emba X‑perience

The time is right for an Executive MBA programme co-designed and jointly run by two great institutions in the European academic landscape. We are set to welcome our first cohort in February 2022.

emba X ’s innovative 18-month curriculum will be delivered across five elements:

  • Essentials: (Re) Learn the future while revisiting the essential concepts of Leadership, Technology and General Management via engaging hybrid course sessions.
  • Sprints: Engage in a unique integration and applied learning experience. The Sprints are 5 days of intensive faculty-directed immersion exposures with real action plans, based on themes of global business relevance.
  • The X Projects: Apply your knowledge and deliver impact via tailored social, business innovation and company projects.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Benefit from an innovative customized personal development plan, including peer-to-peer coaching. Throughout the programme, faculty and selected practitioners will also provide you with feedback and advice on applying all learnings to outcomes.
  • Skill Building Interventions: Reset and/or upgrade yourself by building relevant behavioral competencies in three key areas: self-leadership, team & organisations leadership, and integrative leadership.

Programme Structure

* subject to changes

For additional programme details, please contact us to request our programme factsheet.

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About ETH Zurich

Freedom and individual responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit and open-​mindedness: ETH Zurich stands on a bedrock of true Swiss values. Focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, ETH was created as a centre of innovation and knowledge, offering an ideal environment for independent thought and research, and a climate which inspires top performance.

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About the University of
St. Gallen (HSG)

With a practice-oriented and interdisciplinary approach, the University of St. Gallen is renowned as a leading business university that promotes integrative thought, responsible action and an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation. By combining economic, legal, social and cultural perspectives, as well as international affairs, it prepares tomorrow’s leaders to solve current and future economic and social issues.

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Finding X

X= Stronger Together
EMBA ETH Zurich University of St.Gallen
X= Leadership for Impact
EMBA ETH Zurich University of St.Gallen
X= Social Responsibility
EMBA ETH Zurich University of St.Gallen
X= Technology for Impact
EMBA ETH Zurich University of St.Gallen
X= Business Innovation
EMBA ETH Zurich University of St.Gallen