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Deadlines and fees

The application deadlines for the start in 2023 will be announced shortly.

Application deadline

Final deadline
Cohort Starts

Fees and payment plan: An updated payment plan will be published shortly.

Payable by First deadline
30. June 2021
Final deadline
30. Oct. 2021
Application fee 0 CHF 0 CHF
Deposit Upon enrolement 10’000 CHF 10’000 CHF
First installment 30 October 2021 22’250 CHF 25’000 CHF
Second installment 31 April 2022 22’250 CHF 25’000 CHF
Third installment 30 October 2022 22’250 CHF 25’000 CHF
Final installment 31 April 2023 22’250 CHF 25’000 CHF
Total 99’000 CHF 110’000 CHF

In addition to tuition fees, you should also plan a budget for transportation and accommodation during your on-campus modules, including for any modules held abroad.

Our Finance department is happy to split invoices between personal and company addresses if required. Note that this information should be communicated to the Finance department prior to invoicing.

Flexible payment plans are also available if requested by time of enrolment.